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WALK TO REMEMBER, (A)  (8 1/2)
I had read Nicholas Sparks' wonderful tearjerker book, but I was so dreading this teen film with Mandy Moore and Shane West.  But they both surprised me with their acting abilities in this movie adaptation.  I'll admit it.  It's a chick flick.  Guys are probably gonna hate it.  But take a best gal pal out, like I did, and your box of kleenexes.  Oh yeah, and be ready for the theater to be full of preteens.  They clapped at the end.  Oh dear.  They really groove on Mandy Moore.  The music is not very good in this film either, but Mandy has a sweet voice when she sings during her high school play.  Darryl Hannah is almost unrecognizable in this film.  
Rusty wouldn't be caught dead going to see this movie.


WATCHER, THE   (7 1/2)
I'm giving a hand to Keanu Reeves for this movie.  He plays it icy-cold, chillingly serial.  James Spader is excellent as the narcotics cop. (a little hidden meaning there)    Marissa Tomei has a bitty role and several young women have short lived roles. But they are all excellent in them.  A subplot that lacks, but overall an entertaining flick. The filming is a bit annoying done in fast speed a lot of the time, and blurred--AND hard rock music that I could have done without...just give me The Animals or Mick Jagger.  I relate better to that.  Some night time footage...which I never like.  Language at times.  No sex.  No visual violence to speak of.  Mostly innuendo and after the fact stuff.  Good movie.

WAY of the GUN, THE  (9 1/2)
James Caan comes out the winner in this flick pitting wits against Benicio del Toro & Ryan Phillippe--I'd stand Caan up against any young hoodlum anyday--he'd come out on top--who ARE these young punks in the movies these days?  And Juliette Lewis, in another WEIRD WEIRD role. I have never in my life seen a pregnant woman walk like that!  If you threw Natural Born Killers (hers), Kalifornia (hers), & Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid into a bottle, shook them all up, then poured them onto would get The Way of the Gun. Lots of subplots.  Twists and turns.  Lots of WEIRD blood. A fellows' shoot em out sort of movie. Lots of F word.  Lots of  cigarettes!  A nasty film--in the sense that everyone needs a bath and in the sense that it is just plain nasty.  Still it has merit.  In a weird sort of way, I think it might be kinda good.


Mel Gibson delivers a haunting and memorable performance as Colonel Hal Moore the commander of a 1965 Viet Nam Army regimen sent to, essentially, their slaughter.   As a husband and father of 6 children, he values his soldiers' personal roles as father and husband.  Sam Elliot is his Sergeant Major, a crusty army veteran -- great performance.   And Barry Pepper in another superb role. Madeline Stowe and Keri Russell as two war wives are really good as well.  This movie will absolutely tear your heart and soul right out of your chest.  The horriffic battle scenes rival Saving Private Ryan.  This is not a movie for the squeamish, but if you want to learn a hard lesson about the Viet Nam war and come away with an appreciation of those men who served, lived, and died, then you won't want to miss this one.  In spite of the subject matter, there is not much language.  But this movie is not about the actors.  It' s about the war.  And as always, war is Hell Harry.


If you liked Psycho, then get ready for a head stumping, heart thumping thriller, bumping with twists and turns to entertain you up right--in a beautiful coastal setting.  Ever waifish, Michelle Pfeiffer delivers.  Harrison Ford much better looking without that spikey do and diamond earring stud!  I, however, found NO chemistry between them.  And I REALLY like them both! And they had some GREAT lines and some potentially playful sexy scenes for an old married couple.  Still, not too much to offend in this movie--Worth the time and money!  Critics are too picky on this one.

Mel Gibson & Helen Hunt: oh ok, with a softer side showing, she won me over in this movie...Gibson, in his usual cocky male role, also shows his feminine side, with some VERY funny moments.  A Gibson dance scene a la Gene Kelly, worth the trip to the movie.  Great Sinatra music!  A fun movie.

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