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Geoffrey Rush plods along with an odious character portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. No one will believe him as Bond ever again. Both men appear dancing cheek to cheek for a rather long uncomfortable scene in a gay bar: the token homosexual scene. Brosnan is rarely without a cigarette. Jamie Lee Curtis has her usual "bare my body cause they will still pay me to do it" role. Brosnan in several graphic sex scenes that are yawners.


TAKEN: Television Special (10)

Steven Spielberg's 2002 documentation and fabrication of the Roswell, NM, alien events is compelling with such a great cast, too many to mention.  But the main character is Dakota Fanning, although she doesn't appear until very late in the mini series. She is the narrator, though, for the entire series.  It's a big mini save some time to watch the whole thing.  We rented it from Blockbuster and could hardly wait for the next DVD to arrive and see what happened.  If you like alien adventure, you will love this movie.  I am not a big sci-fi fan, but this one really had me spell bound...thank you again, Mr. Spielberg.

Those attending this movie with me tried to convince me of the homosexual overtones of this movie, and resistant to believing that that was what "I" got out of this movie, I read the book as well.  I stand by my view that this movie wasn't about homosexuality, but about a poor ($$), young man seduced by his own lack of wealth and stature.  Men are gonna think homosexuality.  Women, I think, will tend to take my view.  Matt Damon is great in this movie.  Gwyneth Paltrow's part is better than the book.  Jude Law is not suave enough for the role.  I cannot understand the big deal about him.  Worth a video rental for sure.

This is a rather nasty movie.  This is a violent movie.  This is a vulgar movie.  F word aplenty:  even a kid using it.  Kevin Costner is his usual unappealing self, Kurt Russell in a rather goofy role for him, and Courtney Cox utilizing her pearly whites in lieu of acting.  Are you REALLY going to buy Costner as Elvis?  Russell has played him in the past and does an outtake at the end imitating Elvis.  He's good.  But, Skip it.  It's not worth your money.  And it sure wasn't worth mine.

This is a suit and tie movie.  Don't be looking for female leads in this one.  A long, day by day account of the Cuban Missile Crisis during JFK administration in 1962. Kevin Costner in a fine acting job, with Bruce Greenwood and Stephen Culp as the Kennedy Brothers.  Looking like both Jack and Bobby, you forget it isn't them.  Intense movie, and if you have watched the REAL THING because you were there or in historic accounts, the movie is authentic.  Don't go looking for action, sex, or violence in this one.  However you may find them all hidden within the confines of the horror, intensity, and characters.  Boomers will leave remembering they have indeed already lived the 13 days.

Warren Beatty looking not every bit his age, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and the ever goofy Garry Shandling as midlifers going through the usual male midlifer phase.  Some very funny moments, but also some surprising partial in the buff moments for Hawn.  She doesn't have to rely on that.  The usual Hollywood permissive sex within the family thing. Token homosexual theme.

TRAFFIC  (8 1/2)
This movie switches back and forth continually between vignettes of interrelated stories.  I am not going to give away the theme of the movie.  Traffic can mean several things.  Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a pregnant wife of an imprisoned husband; Douglas stars as a high powered political figure judge (his best role in years); Don Cheadle in a great undercover cop role; and Benicio Del Toro as a Mexican cop.  Some great film techniques.  Intense movie.  Good movie.

It's hard to take: the handsome Denzel spewing forth obscenities for a couple of hours, not to mention all the boys in the hood.  Enough already.  Denzel, we get the point. Ethan Hawke wouldn't have made it through my casting rigors, but he is convincing enough, as his wimpy rookie under training, his first day on Denzel's Narcotics patrol.  I thought Hawke was a little tooooooooo  wimpy for this role.  The entire film takes place during one day...and oh what a day it is...oh what an educational day it is.  Lots of twists and turns until you will ask yourself the question:  What would I do if I were in that position?  It's a good after movie fodder for discussion.  I got bored with it being strung out over one day and I hated all those obscenities.



I have to face it. I love period films.  With a great 1997 cast that includes Annabeth Gish, Dana Delaney, and Angelina Jolie, this mini series takes you through several decades of the lives of the people during the stage coach days of going West. This is not a chick flick.  Rusty loved this series.  We bought the boxed set.


TWENTY-FOUR or 24: Season 1, 2, 3, 4 (10+++++++)

HOLY KAMOLEY!  Now this is the mother of all television series.  DEFINITELY BUY THE BOXED SETS.  You can always REsell them on eBay!  You want to have the entire season at your fingertips in case you want to do a marathon weekend and watch all the episodes.  I am on the edge of my seat for the entire season of each episode.  My husband and I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!  And we didn't even discover it until it had been on for 5 seasons!!! Keifer Sutherland has found his home in this series.  As agent Jack Bower, there is no better guy to have in charge.  The cast is superb. And like Lost, the television series, you never know who is going to survive each week.  This series is based on 24 hours in the life of Jack Bower as he rescues, kills, appears to be killed, etc etc...I can't tell you details.  HECK.  I won't even let people talk about this series around me.  I don't want anyone giving anything away.  It's THAT GOOD!

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