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Can't waste my time or money

As if this movie hadn't already been done at least a dozen times...think Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, and The Graduate; then, you will have Serentipity.  But these actors aren't Hanks, Ryan, Ross, or Hoffman.  John Cusack tries WAY too hard throughout this movie, and Kate Beckinsale fails to energize her role as she appears in some rather shallow screen moments.  These two have no chemistry--NO CHEMISTRY.  There ARE some funny moments without Kate though.  Molly Shannon has a small quirky, but NON Saturday Night Live-ish, role, and Jeremy Piven sparks up the screen with his supporting role of Cusacks's best friend.  This film was shot in NYC, mostly during the winter.  There are no WTC shots.  Some language, some fleeting-raw moments.

Ben Kingsley is what appealed to me about this movie.  I never got to see him.  In the first 10 minutes, I heard so many F words tucked inside an unintelligible Australian, I think, dialect, that I just had to walk out.  Forget this artsy film.  At least, that is how it is billed.  Do NOT waste your money.  You won't "get it."  I went across the hall and caught another flick.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go see this movie unless you want to hear Muh Fuh about one million times.  A violent movie.  Lots of action.  Samuel Jackson and Vanessa Williams.  What a lame role for her. Expect to hear the theme music ALL thru the movie in different riffs...


Short and weird, shallow and stupid, Jack Black and Jason Alexander star as Saturday Night Live disco boy rip offs who are both too infantile to get beyond a woman's appearance to form any meaningful relationship...that is, until self-help guru Anthony Robbins gives Hal a bit of hypnosis and brainwashing to get him to see only the inner beauty in every person he sees.  Wow!  The gift of a lifetime.  Hal sees the gargantuan sized Gwyneth Paltrow as a skinny beauty, but of course she isn't.  Hal has to face the truth!  This is a funny film at the expense of the obese, but with a great moral in the end.  Only one F word, but lots of sexual references and a little nudity.  Is that like being a little pregant?  Oh well...Rusty liked this one, too.


SHREK (9 1/2)
I finally caved.  I fought seeing this one like crazy because I don't much care for animated films.  But Eddie Murphy can do no wrong.  He is just killer, whether he is physically on screen or it's just his voice.  This film is spectacular in just about every way except it is a little too adult for all children.  Be aware of some language and adult content if you plan to take smaller children to see this movie.  Shrek kicks!
Rusty loved this movie.



After refusing to go see this character generated production, I was in for a surprise.  (Watch the promo on this one, as it will also surprise you.)  Pacino rises to the occasion once again and pulls off this premise with expertise.  Go ahead and get lost in this movie.  It's a pretty good one.

A Woody "Sorry" Allen movie.  How could I be so disgusting as to support such a vulgar incestuous rat?  But, sigh, I did.  And lo and behold, it was such a charming movie.  Woody drives me nuts, as he is one of the homeliest creatures on God's green earth, wimpy, that hair or lack of it...DO SOMETHING WITH THOSE STRANDS WOODY, shave it, toupee it, wear a sack, he stammered and stuttered his way through this movie until I wanted to scream...still he is Woody Allen.  Funny.  But Tracy Ullman: the darling of this so adorable and talented,you just don't want the movie to end.  Her character smacks of the same savoir faire or je ne sais quoi or something or other as Stockard Channing's in Where the Heart Is.  More of her please.  A nice part for the ever prissy Hugh Grant.   A very funny movie.  But of course in the offbeat Woody Allen sense.

The only thing good about this movie is trying to understand what Brad Pitt is saying when he talks.  This is a dumb movie, full of profanity and underworld junk.  Waste of time.  I was bored with this movie.  Besides, the cinematography is technologically challenged!!!

Television talk show host Ellen Barkin, in her usual sleazy role, surrounds herself with a team of talented young assistants & producer types (all deeply troubled by the male/female, cow/bull  relationship), all who help her land important guests.  The cute Ashley Judd manages to show us nearly every cute part of herself:  Put your clothes BACK on Ashley.  You are too classy for this.  Greg Kinnear in a repeat Sabrina role.  Marisa Tomei trash talking friend of Ashley, profoundly troubled as well by this cow/bull analogy.   Hugh Jackman wins kudo's for his role of the seemingly typical BULL.  I laughed out loud several times at this movie.

Why does Clint Eastwood still look so good?  He's 70+ for crying out loud.  And how can they make Tommy Lee Jones so cute?  And in spite of their smaller roles, Donald Sutherland and James Garner are adorable as well.  Anyone, who doesn't like this movie just doesn't like the movies.  Lots of "age related" humor.  Funny.  Entertaining.  I hope these guys work for another 20 years!!!  I loved this movie.


SPY GAME (6 1/2)
I hate to say it, but I am about ready for Redford to retire from being in front of the camera.  Ouch--it hurt to say that. But, these last couple of movies have just not done the king of the screen much of a favor.  If you like movies that are mostly dialogue and recounting the story for you, full of flashbacks, and rather episodic confusion, then take this one on.  I was diappointed.  Brad Pitt was a disappointment.  And the time line was just WEIRD.  Makeup can't make Redford look 20- 25 years younger and who are they trying to kid with Brad Pitt being 20-25 years older?  Rusty fell asleep in this one. 

SPY KIDS  (8 1/2)
Not my normal movie fare, but I took my grandchildren to see this one.
The real test is when the movie is over and one of them says:  YEAH.
And the other one yells:  I want that movie.
This is a fun movie full of adventure about a brother, sister, mom and dad
all involved in espionage.  With a family moral at the end.
Hooray for Hollywood.



Whether it's the Coen Brothers or the Farrelly Brothers, those brothers are comedic-gifted.  Be ready for some pretty absurd stuff.  Listen closely, or you will miss some of the best lines of the movie.  Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are conjoined twins who have not let that stop them from being all that they can be.  We both really liked this movie.

A sappy little, quasi love story shot in beautiful Cape Cod that centers around the local lawn boy, professional BASEBALLER  wannabe played by the ACTOR wannabe, Freddie Prinze Jr.
Helloooooo???  Acting school Freddie. It's NOT too late. Directors and camera people are convinced that we can be happy just to LOOK at Prinze, who does nothing more than smile, act surprised, and stand around. BIG BIG YAWN! Lots of skin and several male frontal and behindal shots in women's thongs. Would REAL men baseball players be seen like that? Harumpffff! But the supporting cast overshadows the stars in this lame little movie with some great one liners. The boys seemed to have a great time in the theater with this one. Is that more than enough information for you, gals? You've been warned.
1 F-word, 1 profane hand gesture, 12 scatological terms, 7 anatomical terms, 9 sexual references, 13 mild obscenities, 2 religious profanities, 5 religious exclamations.



This series gets a slow start, but I'm learning to like it more and more.  Two brothers work their way across the country in search of their father, but along the way, they exorcise demons, kill spirits, and just generally clean up what's considered SUPERNATURAL.  

SWORDFISH  (8 1/2)
John Travolta in yet another one of his heartless, evil villain roles (why would he hide that dimple with hair?); Halle Berry gets naked yet again (that girl needs to eat some fried chicken and mashed potatoes! ); Hugh Jackman as a man under stress (he's good!); Don Cheadle, as a government agent, chases the bad guys (I can't figure out why he gets so much work).

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