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Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney collaborate for a fast paced motivational high school football movie starring the ever wonderful Denzel Washington as a coach, and a GREAT supporting cast of high school footballers, assistant coaches, family members of the coaches, some great football OUCH scenes, but some tender scenes as well.  Super acting by football loving daughter of assistant coach. Set in the early 80's amidst southern racial tension: most of us in the South will relate all too well with the situations. I really liked this movie.  It was over far too soon for me.  Good music!  Entertaining.

Men: strap on your binoculars for an eyeful of young, pretty, AND PROVACATIVE scantily clad cheerleaders: they are the stars of this movie. And lots on the field whams, and bams, and passes: football plays of course. Football is also the star of this movie.   Women: keep your elbow and a drool cloth handy, so you can care for your man as he ogles the girls and relives his sports youth in this one.  If you like football, you'll probably The Replacements.  For a sports flick, the language is VERY mild.  No sex.  No violence, except for football plays.  Plot is a fun idea for sports entertainment.  Wish it would happen sometime.  For the most part (heavy rap excluded), GREAT a blast from the past MUSIC!    I was mildly+ entertained.  Some VERY large football players! And the character actor from Notting Hill is back with his "proud of his body" antics. Keanu Reeves, cute at times, but not impressive.  Gene Hackman.  You gotta love Hackman with that adorable laugh of his, no matter what the movie.


Penny Marshall scores a big one by casting the adorable Dru Barrymore (Beverly) full of raging hormones and years of poor decision making, in this based on a true story film from the 60's--Dru lights up and owns THIS screen.  She is a gifted actress, who can make silly and make you love her even more.  The supporting cast must have been a joy to work with.  Lorraine Bracco and James Woods star as the parents of Beverly, who embrace the 60's parental codes.  And the powerfully expressive Brittany Murphy as her best friend from high school, nearly steals the show.  But it's Steve Zahn who dopes his way ever so convincingly through this movie and tugs at your heartstrings.  Watch those Arens brothers who portray Jason, ages 1, 6, and especially  him at 3.  This is a hilarious movie in spite of the hardships and reality of such a situation.  The last third of the movie is not as strong as the first two thirds.  Sometimes, all you can do to get by--is to laugh.   Rusty says this was a chick flick.  I noticed HE was laughing, so what does THAT say?

This is a movie about HAIR.  You thought it was about a rock star.  But I'm here to tell you it is ALL about HAIR.  The only saving grace about this movie is the HAIR belonging to Jennifer Aniston.  Mark Wahlberg does not comb his WIG HAIR the entire movie. Other rock stars throw theirs around incessantly.  Boy howdy, the WIG HAIR industry is making a killing in Hollywood these days.  There is a disgusting club, dance scene with Jennifer and Mark getting it on with both sexes and each other.  Wahlberg gets to STAY on my worst actor list.  Jennifer, shame on you.  You can do better.  Goofy, forgettable 80's music the first time, unmemorable the second.  The ending was quick and predictable.  But not quick enough.  Don't put yourself through this silly stuff.  Lots of profanity, drugs, skin, etc.  YAWN!


Gene Hackman stars as the absentee rich father of the quirkiest, dysfunctional family of the century; he comes back into the lives of his depressed, genius children, trying to win their love--he says,  before he dies of cancer.  Angelica Houston co-stars as his long suffering wife, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, and Luke Wilson as their grown children.  Other co stars: Danny Glover, Bill Murray, and Owen Wilson, who also co-wrote and co-produced this film.  There's one lesbian, sex scene, lots of smoking, and there is some language, including 3 F-words.  But get ready to laugh in spite of yourself and how you feel about the topic or the adult content on this one.   This is a funny movie with lots of symbolism, so keep your eyes open and you will see more than meets the eye! 
Rusty really liked this film...he laughed quite a lot through this movie.

RUSH HOUR 2 (6 1/2)
The summer of sequels is not over yet, with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Karate and Kung Fu-ing it out about every 5 minutes in the second outing for Rush Hour. This movie is a little slow getting going, but comedy finally becomes comedy and you will laugh out loud several times. There is definitely a costume shortage in Hollywood this summer. Nudity abounds. Profanity too. There are stunts in this film that are absolutely amazing. Chan still has it. And stick around for the credits. The out takes are funnier than the movie. Don't miss them.

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