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PATRIOT, THE  (9 1/2)
I've been waiting a long time for this one.  If Saving Private Ryan bothered you, do not go see this movie.  If you love to look at Mel Gibson, go see this movie.  If you want to sink into the Revolution Era for a few hours, go see this movie.  The Patriot captures the spirit of the 1700's, not only in costumes and sets, but in attitude.  If you liked Shenandoah, go see this movie.  If you like war movies, this is a prize.  Very long movie.  Very, VERY violent and bloody movie.  Lots of catch you by surprise moments, at least there were for me.  I nearly jumped out of my skin.  I loved the movie.  I heard Gene Shallit didn't.

Several older couples were at this movie...afterward, they said it was loud.
Well, not only is war hell, Harry, it is LOUD!!!

Can you ignore some child profanity?
Can you ignore Hollywood sex outside marriage hype?
Oscar nominations no doubt to Kevin Spacey & Haley Joel Osment!
Don't miss it--and pay it forward!

Josh Hartnet and Ben Affleck battle the Japanese and each other over freedom and love, respectively.  This movie is more about love and less about war although plenty full of war.  Kate Beckinsale leads the pack of wartime nurses as they fall in love and tend the wounded: a graphic portrayal of a devastatingly horrific event, and a glimpse of what it must have been like for so many personally, as well as military people.  3 hours and 3 minutes.  Pearl Harbor misses the mark for a sound track, which would have added so much more to this movie as it was then some of the most wonderful music ever written.

George Clooney?  Mark Wahlberg?  Diane Lane?  Pfffffffffftttttt!  The Atlantic Ocean gets the Oscar for this film.  Even though the characters are undeveloped, overact, and yell a lot, this film is great for special effects!!  I found myself sitting, literally, on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, twisting's adventure and tense!  See it!  It's entertainment!

This is not a remake of the original Planet of the Apes, nor is it original, since there has already been one version of this title. So consider it a Tim Burton adaptation of the original. Danny Elfman has a powerful music score. With Mark Wahlberg, who STILL remains one of my least favorite actors, as a rebel astronaut who sneakingly flies out into space only to land on the Planet of the Apes. He encounters what life would be like if animals were the human race and humans were treated like slaves and animals...actually worse. This movie is partly a comedy. It's very funny! You will have fun figuring out by their voices who is behind the ape masks. Marvelous makeup and lots of leaping monkeys, excuse me, APES. Scant profanity. No nudity, like who would care? And no smoking agenda or gay agenda. But of course, there is the we have to all be equal regardless of race, creed, or number of feet we have agenda.

What goes around, comes around.  Jack Nicholson's beginnings in One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest and now The Pledge.  Jack must have felt like it was old home time at the movies.  Don't you just get the feeling when you watch Jack that he isn't acting?  That he wears the same clothes on the street.  That he wears stocking caps rather than comb his hair?  That he is basically Jack all the time?  It's Jack's movie--as all Nicholson movies are.

Well, what in the world has gotten in to Disney? They haven't made a movie THIS clean since Mickey Mouse. "G" rated all the way, but don't let that scare you off if you think it won't be cool enough for you to see. If you like make-overs, you are going to thoroughly enjoy seeing the princess take on her new look. Julie Andrews stars as the Queen of Genovia who comes to the US to claim her clutzy, unattractive granddaughter as the Princess of Genovia. It's the ugly duckling turns into a swan story, but how can you go wrong with Julie Andrews? Hector Elizondo is superb as always. And Anne Hathaway is great as the duckling. Load up the family and take everyone to see The Princess Diaries.

This is the movie supposedly responsible for Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid's wedded bliss to end.  Still, Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan have no torrid love affair in this movie about search and rescue & terrorism.  Suspenseful and well made movie.  Caruso & Morse in supporting roles.  Some language.  Beautiful scenery. Worth the trip to the theater.

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