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Is there no end to Jim Carrey's talents?  Yes, he is one of the funniest comics around, but I have enjoyed his emergence from those really dumb and dumber roles to the more refined comic, and now, serious actor he becomes here.  This is a wonderful movie set in the post WWII era, so you know the music is going to be the best!  And it is!  Martin Landau, James Whitmore, and a host of other supporting actors make this a movie to remember.  Laurie Holden is perfectly cast as the love interest.  Carrey carries this move so smoothly that you forget just how dumb he can be in his past movies (most all of which I loved, too).  No sex, just some sweet kisses.  No violence, beyond a slug or two.  A little mild language.  I really loved this movie.  It's a great feel good movie without being sappy.  Ignore the critics.  Don't let them stop you from enjoying one of the year's best movies.
Rusty really liked this film, too. 


Me, Myself, & Irene  (7)
I've been awaiting this film's arrival for MONTHS!  Jim Carrey, Rene Zellwegger, who are an off screen romance as well.  I thought Liar, Liar was exceptional and that Jim Carrey was just GREAT in Liar, Liar.  I loved his first movies, but then he began to try too hard and lost his edge.  But he is back again with this film. He is the best to come along since Lucy with his physical humor, in my opinion.

But this film is over the top.  If you think you are just going to see a hilarious movie: BEWARE.  There is more than enough here to offend even the un-offendable Nursing/breast feeding bit, dogs pooping on screen, people on the toilet, anal sex humor, and more Muh Fuh than Shaft...I mean, no stones have been left unturned by those Farrely Brothers, and I can practically guarantee you that you are going to come away offended.   BUT!   It's still a funny movie, and you can't help but laugh at most of it.  Jim Carrey is a funny, funny guy!!

MEN of HONOR (9)
Gripping true story of Carl Brashears sheer determination to reach his career goals in the US Navy as a master diver. While Cuba Gooding, Jr as Carl gives a compelling performance--a superb performance, Robert DeNiro at his best in his usual hard nosed role is even better.  Charlize Theron again this week in a weak role, as the wife of DeNiro. No chemistry. Huge age gap.  Are she and Helen Hunt the only actresses in Hollywood? I still don't like either one.  David Keith and Hal Holbrook in small roles.  When a movie elicits an involuntary response or emotion, I consider it a moving experience.  This one has it all...underwater scenes always kill me and leave me gasping for air.  This one no exception.  Tobacco companies paid for this one.

From the darkest, psycho-killer-type in Cape Fear, to the funniest, protective parental role: he can do it all.  Robert DeNiro is incredible, better looking than ever, and this movie is a thumbs up for sure.  FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Entertaining!!!!

Ben Stiller is all but type cast now as the bumbling boyfriend; this time, off to meet the parents of his intended. Still, Stiller has GOT to do something with that hair! His role is a repeat of the one in Something About Mary, only not vulgarly over the top like that only get that from the Farrelly Brothers. Blythe Danner is cute as DeNiro's wife, and Phyllis George has a small part!  I kept thinking Jody Foster during the female lead scenes.  They could be sisters.
This movie is just plain funny.  Go enjoy!

Probably not a movie about what you think.  The Mexican is not a person.
Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts share zero chemistry in this movie,
which features Brad Pitt swinging-the-air-mad the whole movie,
and Julia Roberts equally mad.
With millions of people in the world, do two people have to endure this for true love?
James Gadolfini, or whatever his name is, I don't watch the Sopranos) stars as the
Gay Mobster, which of course, fulfills Hollywood's Gay Agenda for each movie these days.
There are a couple of entertaining moments, but I can't name them right now.
And if it hadn't been for laughing at THE CACKLER, the movie goer-lady
who goes to as many movies as we do, I wouldn't have laughed at all.
SHE loved this movie.  But then, she laughs heartily at every movie.
It must be lovely in her world.
Overrun with the F word.
Smoking agenda.
Lightly taken killings.

I have never liked Sandra Bullock.  Actress and Producer here. She must have been one of those "stars" who were in the right place at the right time...and Benjamin Bratt is the wimpiest of men to take up leading man space.  Neither impresses me.  An aging William Shatner doing his thing and Candice Bergen star also. Michael Caine is always good.  In your face gay/lesbian stuff as usual.  Still the movie about a homely, snorting, messy, clumsy, but no nonsense and smart, undercover agent posing as a beauty contestant has a good flow, is funny, and you will laugh out loud.  See if  "Cheryl" one of the entrants doesn't remind you of Gwyneth Paltrow. And with Tom Jones singing the music, how could it not rate right up there?  Fun holiday fare.


MONK (10)

Quirky and Smart!  This series is as good as it gets.  Too bad they lose one of the best characters on this series; the replacement is just not nearly as good.  I'm waiting for the original character to return.  When you have an all star cast that works, why change it?  Monk is charming and irritating.  GREAT SERIES.


This film reminded me of a throwback to the 70's filmmaking, what with the flashbacks-forwards, dimming, pantyhose over the lens sort of style.  I didn't like that then; I don't like it now.  Based on a true story in Pleasant Point, Virginia, strange occurences keep happening that are unexplainable.  For several hours we watch and listen to the same thing happening over and over.  Richard Gere is usually in better films than this.  Not a horrible film, but certainly, it won't go down as one of my favorites. Laura Linney in a supporting role that is adequate.
Rusty thought this one was ok, but not great.


MUSKATEER, (THE) (7 1/2)
It was a heyday for wig makers when this movie went into production.  Hello, costumers!  Did NOBODY during this period film have good hair...well, maybe that's why they wore wigs.  But even the wigless "scoundrels" ought to have had a token good hair day now and then, wouldn't you think? This movie was a little too dark for me, cinematically.  But what it lacked in lighting, was made up for in stunts, at least the ones you could see--in the dark.  The Muskateer will make you chuckle at the sword fighting scenes; they are so awesome.  And NO language.  Hooray for that!  There is quite a bit of violence, but it's not TOO graphic.  And one gratuitous bathtub scene for Mena Suvari.  I am not gung-ho on this film because of the casting; these people needed some acting experience.  Oh, maybe that's what THIS was.  Outside of Catherine Deneuve, who is still gorgeous, who WERE these people?  Their screen time was SHORT, I mean short, there was no time to get to know them.  We'll never recognize any of them the next time we see them.   And there was NO chemistry between the love interests.  But if you like stunts and swordfights, you won't want to miss this one.

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