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OK.  So the plot is extremely unrealistic.  Putting that aside, it's an enjoyable film featuring the now leading man, Hugh Jackman.   But it's an irritating leading woman in Meg Ryan, who has butchered her hair so badly, that she will make you want to scream, "Put on a headband WOMAN, and get that STUFF out of your eyes!!!"  It's also Meg in yet another boy meets girl, can they get together, can they stay together, will they get back together in the end, love story.  Does the phrase "type-casting" ring any bells for you, Meg?  See it anyway.  It's a fun little movie. 
Rusty had a few laughs during this movie.  He thought it enjoyable, though certainly not too memorable.

KID, THE   (9)
OK.  Call me prejudiced!  I deserve it.  But I didn't want to go see this movie because that fat little kid was so irritating to watch in the previews. Once again, I will eat crow!  By the movie's end, I loved this kid.  Lots of fat jokes.  And Bruce Willis has made a good movie!  His character is a pull no punches, tell it like it is sort.  Lily Tomlin is forever wonderful.  She puts the snide in (Snidely) Whiplash!  It's a movie you can take the whole family to see.  Good for you Disney.  Good for you Bruce & Lily!

More martial arts than you will need for the rest of your life. Cooler than James Bond, more adept than Bruce Lee, and tougher than Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li (in that compact little body) does it all. Too focused for women and all business, Jet takes on the French police to uncover their corrupt leader, while dealing with a smutty Bridget Fonda who won't take no for an answer. This is nothing but pure action and violence all the way. I've never heard more guffaws by men during a movie nor seen more smiling men coming out of a movie. Women, be a sport and take your man to see this movie.

KNIGHTS TALE, A   (9 1/2)
Heath Ledger (from The Patriot), Mark Addy (The Full Monty, and as Fred Flintstone), Alan Tudyk, and Paul Bettany, form a wonderfully delightful group of scallywags out to prove they can "change their stars" with Ledger as their Jousting leader, who also sets out to win the heart of a Lady: Shannyn Sossaman.
Set in knighthood times but with 20th & 21st century bits and music, this is a fun film and Freddy Mercury should be smiling from the beyond. We will Rock you will make you laugh out loud. GREAT MUSIC!


K-PAX (6 1/2)
Well, excuse me for expecting what the trailers delivered!  Kevin Spacey, what WERE you thinking?  And, by the way, watching him eat a banana with the peel on is enough to make you gag.  If Jeff Bridges doesn't quit walking around with his mouth hanging open, feigning that supposed to be acting???...well, I just may boycott his movies.  I'm a big Bridges fan, the whole clan, but he can do better than this.  It's the supporting cast at the institution that gives this movie any clout whatsoever.  It's slow, it's trite, it's just not able to live up to the hype.  Rusty thought it was dumb.  Watch it on video. 


KUNG POW!: Enter the Fist (1/2)
The trailers in this film offer far more than the film delivers.  I did laugh a couple of times in spite of myself.  If you go see this movie, be prepared to wonder:  HUH???????  These Japanese actors with Gomer Pyle and Southern drawl overdubs are funny after the first couple of gags...but if you laugh at it much more than the first 15 minutes, you might seriously question your sense of humor or your entertainment taste and values.  There is a very strange baby spoof at the first, a tongue on an animated-tongue gag, and a ridiculous karate fight with a fake cow.   If you are the slightest bit interested by now, still try to hold yourself back.  Steve Oedekerk (star, director, screenwriter, and producer--can we say: full of ourselves?)  has great looking WHITE teeth to go along with that tongue gag, but this movie sucks.
Rusty thought this was the best movie he had ever seen.  He laughed himself silly.


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