I AM SAM (9 1/2)
The trailers on this film made me leery of seeing it, but I was surprised to find myself completely moved by I AM SAM.  Sean Penn is extraordinary as the mentally retarded father of a seven year old daughter, played by precocious Dakota Fanning.  Michelle Pfeiffer is awesome as the overachiever lawyer.  If you are a father, mother, daughter or son, you cannot help but find this film's truth in the recesses of your heart. Plenty of profanity by Pfeiffer.  No sex.  No violence.
Rusty didn't want to see this movie, and he didn't.


Let me say, right off the top: this is a movie-lovers movie and one of the most powerful films of the last year.  It's a bit on the artsy side with lots of slow moving drama to increase the tension.  But, if you think you are going to see a movie about sex in the bedroom, you can forget that notion.  So with that said, Sissy Spacek compellingly stars in a poignant and tragic drama about a family in crisis.  Too say much more will give away the movie, whose title is misleading.  The real star of the movie is Tom Wilkinson, Sissy's husband, whose anguish is a puzzle and a torment to watch.   Stellar performance by Marisa Tomei.
Rusty, surprisingly, liked this film.  I thought for sure he would think it was a chick flick.



If you are Indian or are sympathetic to the Indians, you may not be able to watch this.  It truly is a sad documentation of the plight of the Indians. This series takes you through decades of a family within a tribe.  IT IS SO GOOD!!! I loved this television special.  Rusty loved it too. Get the boxed set.

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