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I am trying to be fair to Hannibal.  On a production and acting level it gets a 7.  But the content of this movie is so revolting and disturbing, I wanted to give it a 0.  Anthony Hopkins is formidable.  Julianne Moore is unshakingly, emotionally passive.  Did you see the Tom Cruise Vampire movie and hate it because it made you queasy?
This is worse!!!  Far worse.
1: blood bothers you
2: cannibalism bothers you
3: dark movies bother you
I hated this movie.  I couldn't even look when the cannibalistic moments appeared.  AND...there are moments in this movie that are over the top with the extreme.  Stay home and fast forward through it when it comes out on video.


Harry Potter is a delightful tale of magic and wizardry that you  will no doubt have already been overwhelmed with hype about.  The special effects are great without being overpowering, and the kids are great little actors.  Richard Harris and Maggie Smith are always wonderufl.  It's especially fun if you have read the book and there are several more films going into production immediately.  Take the kids the grandkids and be confident that you will have fun with Harry Potter.  It's a long movie, and the plot takes a little too long to appear, but no one seems to be noticing.  The whole family liked this one.


It's cute, the kids are a little lame, the wife is a little lame...and Eddie Murphy is pretty much wasted on this movie...but if you like Disney and special effects, you can enjoy this movie.  Murphy is not totally PG, but he is PG for Murphy. 


Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt appear as rather boring  mother-daughter con artists, who try to hit their marks without falling in love with them.  Yawn.  Between the two of them, you will get your cleavage peeking quota for a lifetime.  Hewitt spews vulgarities throughout.  Gene Hackman cannot possibly need work that bad, as an OLD OLD geezer who hacks rather than acts his way through this lame script.  Shame on him.

Anthony Hopkins knows how to pick a script, like this one, from Stephen King's novel.  Hopkins has GOT it; what else can you say about this gifted actor?  As a suspicious character, he comes to town alone, but obviously with a not so obvious secret.   The film centers around the friendships of  2 preteen boys, Sully and Bobby-O and their gal pal Carol, all who befriend Ted, played by Hopkins.  Great performances by all including David Morse, as the adult Bobby, who retells their story.  Young Bobby is just outstanding (Anton Yelchin), and Carol (Mika Boreem) is the perfect tom-boy pal.  Great 1960 pop culture sets, cars, clothes,  AND, absolutely WONDERFUL music!  Mild profanity and sexual situations.  This movie will make you laugh, cry, and remember...what it was like to be a kid, with all its innocence, with all its pain.  Be sure and stay for the credits...for more great music.  You WILL NOT want to miss this one on the big screen!!!


HEIST (8 1/2)
The Hack is Back!  Gene Hackman ramrods this film full of twists and turns, where everyone is poker faced and you cannot tell who is going to stab who in the back in the final analysis.  You just gotta love it when The Hack giggles.  His laugh is unmistakable and he hasn't aged a bit in 30 years.  But be ready for some foul language.  No sex but one partial nude scene of a woman's back.  Pretty mild stuff by today's standards.  64 F-words and its derivations, 9 scatological terms, 4 sexual references, 8 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 3 insults, 1 derogatory term for Jews, 10 religious exclamations.

Possibly the dumbest movie -- to have had so much potential -- of the year.  Kevin Bacon should have balked on this one.  #1 His face time as Kevin Bacon is so small, I cannot imagine his ego was satisfied.  #2 I don't like Kevin Bacon.  And #3  Elizabeth Shue is never good in anything she does.  #4 Lots of the F word.  Don't waste your money on this hollow movie.


HOUSE: Season 1 (10)

Ok.  You may remember him as the father in Stuart Little. Hugh Laurie. The eternal happy and optimistic father to Gena Davis' mother.  Well, forget that.  House is NOT happy.  And optimistic, he ain't.  Still, I grew to really love his character even though he is mean and irritable ALL THE TIME. Great supporting cast! It will be fun to see what develops in season two.  As always, buy the boxed series rather than watch it in real time.  Who wants to put up with all those commercials?

Denzel Washington should get an Oscar for his role as Hurricane Carter.
Hollywood can make a new movie (Punching for Oscar), and Denzel and Tom Hanks can duke it out for the statue.  While Lezra is getting rave reviews as the boy who gets Carter's case reopened, I wasn't that crazy about him as an actor.  I could have found a million other black guys to have played that role.  I found him annoying and his speaking voice hard to understand. The 3 Canadians were weak in my opinion.  They always looked like they were terribly guilty of something and we should be waiting for it to be revealed.  Evidently, they weren't. Or we never found out. Little Angie, who was married to Jessee, from the 70's years in All My Children has a breakthrough role as Carter's wife--not that the role was so great, but who wouldn't kill to play opposite Denzel at the top of his game; her dimples are so cute and she's no spring chicken these days.  But still cute as one.  The evil detective who framed Carter every time he turned around is indeed that.  The fight scenes are great.  This is not just a man's movie.  I loved it. I'm sure the question still remains, was Carter REALLY innocent.  While no innocent to the ways of the world, I think he was of that crime.  Go see the movie to see if he was.

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