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FAMILY MAN (9 1/2)
Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni adeptly star in this reverse version of It's a Wonderful Life.
What a great movie!  Good Casting.  Suspension of reality, but so believable, all the way.  Annie not only steals the movie but your heart.  For the best feel good movie of the holidays, don't miss this one.  It might even be one of those that you wouldn't mind seeing again.

15 MINUTES (8)
If NY City is really this intense, then I'll take Home on the range any day of the year!!!
The plot revolves around the 15 minutes of fame theme, with the most talented actor of our time: Robert Deniro with a mostly weaker cast surrounding him, Ed Burns & the Greek chick from a TV show of somekind.  I don't watch TV.  But then, who can live up to his standards of performance?  I would go see anything Deniro was in simply because he is such a screen presence.Two foreigners come to the US to become famous but how they do it is not only foul, revolting, smothered in the F word, cigarettes abound, in the nastiest side of NY City you could see, but they are also really good in their roles.  Unknown actors to me.While this movie made me so uncomfortable and I detested the language and graphic violence.  Deniro is just good.  And he makes this movie good -- for me.  Just be warned before you attempt it.

Watching almost real cartoon characters in a serious SCI-FI setting, well, it just doesn't work for me. Fantasy romances with adults is just too weird.   It's simply more of the same science fiction we've already seen but with fake people that almost don't look fake.  The Japanese no doubt thought we would buy into this near-real concept.  Let's don't and say we did.  It was stupid and a waste of time and money.

The deck was stacked in my favor today.  Westerns and English majors and Sean Connery.  It was a great day at the movies.  Set in the Bronx, Connery as a reclusive writer and a 16 year old black basketball player form an unlikely friendship.  No action.  No sex.  No violence.  Little language.  GREAT MOVIE!



I loved this movie, and if you enjoy period piece movies, you will love this epic-like saga set in the late 1800's.  A British officer, Heath Ledger, resigns his command to avoid going to war in the Sudan with his regimen, which includes his best friends.  In turn, they, along with his finance, brand him a coward.  To face his fears, he follows them secretly, in disguise, to the desert and risks his life to save theirs.  Kate Hudson has a small role as the female interest.  This film is bloody and violent.  As always, war is Hell Harry. 
Rusty really liked this movie.  

FORTY-FOUR HUNDRED or  4400 (10)

Over the last century, over 4,400 people disappeared. One day, they all reappear at the same moment in the same place, from a ball of light from the sky. As their lives are revealed each week, their newly acquired powers are also revealed as are their connections to each other.  Death, danger, and revelations occur each episode.  Very suspenseful.



I have never liked Bill Paxton.  I haven't changed my mind.  He directed and starred in this twisted, bizarre film that makes you know that Hollywood is in desperate need of storylines.  The boys in this film are not bad little actors and the only bright spot of this film.  Frailty is dark and evil.  Don't go see it. 
Rusty thought this movie was evil and lame.



This movie is awesome, set in West Texas, land of the free wide open spaces...home of the brave football players and high school Friday night football. Billy Bob Thornton knows how to pick a script, knows how to pick a film, and knows how to play any character. GREAT FILM.

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