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DISH, THE  (7 1/2)
Not a movie about some gorgeous woman, in spite of the title. An Australian film about the US Apollo man on the moon mission and the Satellite Dish that made it possible for the world to view Armstrong's first steps on the moon. Mis-billed as a comedy (for Americans), Sam Neill heads a cast of unknowns, while the producers take full advantage of the era with GREAT music. Enjoyable, but I don't know if Americans can hang with it long enough to figure out that they might enjoy it.


Hooray!  The old Travolta is back and finally in something good after a drought of several arid/loser films.  Good supporting cast except for the boy.  There must have been thousands of auditions that could have done this movie proud.  Set on the East Coast amidst boats and family, the trailers practically give this one away, but it's still a good view!  Get a big bag of popcorn, a large drink, and have some fun at the movies.  Barely any language, no sex, and some violence.  Even Rusty liked this one.

DON'T SAY A WORD (7 1/2)
I was offended at first since this film begins with a string of profanities.  But that was over pretty quickly.  Then we endured some silly scenes of culinary skills and sponge bathing.  But that was over pretty quickly, too.  There's a confusing time line that finally gets solved and then the movie gets interesting.  Psychologistt Michael Douglas, a new father in real life, is an 8 year old's father here, and she is adorable.  This kid actually has a vibrato worth the ticket price.  But Michael is too old to play a father of a little child.  He can do what he wants in real life, but I'm not buying it on film.  Oliver Platt in a kind of goofy role, but between the two of them they have to uncover a young woman's deeply seated secret in order to stave off some very bad dudes who want to kill anyone who gets in their way.  It's suspenseful and a pretty good movie.

DR DOOLITTLE 2 (8 1/2)
Is Eddie Murphy still king or what? Even in a goofy premised movie like this, you will find yourself laughing out loud at EM. Comedy wannabes, stand back and take lessons. Former youngest Cosby daughter Raven Simone is still cute as a bug. But make NO mistakes, while the animals are SO cute and funny, it's Eddie's movie all the way. Even Archie the Hollywood bear takes backseat. Load up the family and see this movie. There are a couple of PG spots but you have to be listening good to catch them. No sex. No violence. No F words. A RAW Murphy without the profanity.

DR T & the WOMEN (0)
Estrogen Alert!  Estrogen Alert!
Do you want to see Farrah naked?
Do you want to see Helen Hunt naked?
Do you want to see Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler lesbianize thru the movie?
Do you want to see Richard Gere's face framed between a woman's legs on the gynecological table? Do you want to see the real deal in childbirth?  Close up and personal?  I mean CLOSE UP AND PERSONAL?  Then take this one in.
Otherwise.  Take my advice; this is the most pathetic excuse for entertainment I've ever seen.  I almost walked out when I saw Robert Altman's name in the opening credits...Altman = vulgar & ridiculous
Women and hormones and hair everywhere!
Even Richard Gere isn't at his best in this one.
And Shelley Long, you are too good for this movie.
Set in Dallas, I was set to really enjoy Dr T.
BUT! Over done accents, as usual.  Hollywood just can't get Oklahoma and Texas right.  Isn't that why they are called....ACTORS??????????

DOUBLE TAKE: can't waste my time or money

Calling all beautiful people.  Calling all beautiful people.  There is a script waiting for you in Hollywood.  Just show up on their doorsteps with your youth and great looks and you too can be a star.  Memorize a line or two.  Smile.  Action.  Camera.  It's a wrap.  Repeat process.  Takes nothing more these days.  This is the silliest film of all time.  Shallow, pointless, and with unknowns.  Even the sex is so's like watching your brother kiss your sister.  No chemistry.  A tale, and I use the term loosely, of boy meets love his life.  Girl meets love of her life.  They shack up.  Trouble ensues.  Are boy and girl meant to be?  Julia find another job.  Freddie, it's a good thing your name is Prinze.  A lucky boy you are indeed.  GEEZ.  I cannot tell you how bad this canister of celluloid was.  Fonzie, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Waterboy should have lined your pocket for decades.  Why would he stoop to this?  And Lucille Ball is rolling over in her grave to know that Lucie, Jr.  would subject herself to this tripe.  Didn't Lucy leave you enough money, girl?  Shame shame shame on you both!


Ok. So you have to suspend reality on this one.  Just go with it.  It's a good movie with lots of supernatural events.  Kevin Costner is a doctor, married to a doctor, both dedicated to the field of medicine.  The hardest part of this movie is imagining Costner as a first time father...but Hollywood has asked us to believe worse things and we have bought them.  I really liked this film.  Take the gals out for an enjoyable evening at the movies. 
Rusty didn't want to see this one, and he didn't.


It's a "Gwyneth Paltrow family" week at the movies.  Her mom in Meet the Parents, her dad Bruce directing this one, and Gwyneth is in Duets. Built around the Karaoke movement, it takes a little while to figure out where this movie is going.  Via a trilogy of subplots, Karaoke being the main theme, this is a clever piece in which Gwyneth proves she would have been a star in the creative arts somewhere--singing if not acting.  Ignore the reviewers. This is a good movie.  AND THIS WOMAN CAN SING!  (FYI: those are hair extensions) I would come more pay to hear her sing than 95% of the supposed artists out there.  I wanted to hear more.  She even sings the duet movie theme song. Very nice. Huey Lewis looks a little road weary, but does ok.  The real star is the traveling salesman.  What a great little actor he is:  a relative unknown character actor, but you will recognize his face.   I really enjoyed this movie.  Good music!  I love Joe Cocker's Try a Little Tenderness!

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