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BANDITS (7 1/2)
There they go again.  I'm telling you.  Is this the year to be in the wig business or WHAT?  Bruce Willis, the hair today, gone tomorrow guy, teams up with Billy Bob Thornton and the chameleon-like beauty, Kate Blanchett for a modern day Bonnie & "Clyde" tale.  Thornton and Blanchett can play neurotics better than any actors alive.  I want to see Willis show some acting growth, more than rely on his former "Moonlighting" crooked smile.  It's time for Bruce to move on to juicier roles.  This is a funny, and immoral movie about theft, love, and neuroses.  Some language, no sex, fake violence.

BEAUTIFUL MIND, (A)    (10+)
Genius abounds in this film by director Ron Howard, starring Russell Crowe portraying eccentric mathematician John Nash, of whom the film is about.  To try to label or discuss this film only gives away the story.  Stay away from the internet and reviews or you will ruin this film for yourself.  Suffice it to say it is a poignantly portrayed true story about genius, its problems and its greatness.  A little language and no nudity or sex.  I would see this movie again. 
Rusty gave this film a 10+ also.  He said he couldn't find anything wrong with it.  (Wow!)

A sell your soul (Brendan Fraser) to the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) film with some very funny moments as he takes on new personas in an effort to win the woman he pines for--he is very funny and quite the chameleon.  A great excuse for the Clothes-horse Hurley to parade around in multi-costumes or lack thereof.  While an unlasting memorable movie, it is still a smidge entertaining.  Laugh out loud humor, but some not so funny attempts, often at the expense of the Almighty.


The Hack is back AGAIN!  Man, he's good!  This film is GOOD!  But it's Owen Wilson who runs and hides throughout this movie in a brutal film about a pilot who finds himself in enemy territory due to his own recklessness.  This movie showcases some wonderful film techniques utilizing slow motion and simultaneous views and thoughts from different perspectives--all being filmed in a unique manner.  It's really rather extraordinary to the norm.  This is a gripping tale and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  If most of the music, besides The Wanderer, hadn't been overwhelmingly sorry, I'd have given it a 10.  2 F-words, one obscene hand gesture, 3 anatomical terms, 13 mild obscenities, 9 religious profanities, 6 religious exclamations. Some obscene or profane expressions are in subtitles.  No sex or nudity, but there is some gruesome violence.  But I've said it before and I'll say it again, "War is Hell, Harry." 
Do you have to wonder?  Of course, Rusty liked this movie. 


Think Saving Private Ryan on this one; and if you were squeamish, you are just going to be in trauma over the graphic violence in this war movie.  It's fighting, fighting, fighting, and blood, blood, blood.  There is lots of language in this movie and plenty of the F word.  But it is based on real life and the Somalian conflict.  It's educational.  I'm not a Josh Harnett fan, but Tom Sizemore and the supporting actors in this film are just great; Sam Shepard is tops.  Once again, War is Hell, Harry.  And it should bring some reality to the Bin Laden war on terrorism.
Rusty loves war movies but can't stand the lead actor in this film.  So his rating was a little off the mark on this one.


The ever-lovely Kim Basinger in a good versus evil movie with Jimmy Smit(t)s, the ever-type-cast policeman.  Cute little girl stars as a super-power child.  Might be worth coming in out of the heat to spend a couple hours over popcorn and coke.  Mildly entertaining.

BLOW (6 1/2)
Based on a true story of Georg Jung, the man we can thank for making Cocaine the drug of choice it became in the US in the 70's.  Johnny Depp as Jung, who manages to live every life-style known to man during his life-time.  Depp is always good, but those wigs have to go.  Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) making his big comeback.  Penelope Cruz in yet another loser role for her.  More dumb wigs.  But the winner is Ray Liotta as the heart broken, broken man of a father.  Mostly dirty, druggie roles in this movie, as the "mains" look as though they aren't having to do much acting as they mainline.  Lot of the F word.  Smoking a plenty.  A few flashes of nudity.  This is not an UP movie.  (By the way, Columbia is beautiful.)  Not even great 70's music featured.  What was up with THAT?  Missed a gold mine of a Sound Track.  Tsk, Tsk, Producer!!!

Former real life couple, Gwyneth Paltrow & Ben Affleck star in this twist of fate love story.  I expected more chemistry; these two are more like brother and sister.  Affleck is, however, beginning to win me over via this movie but the ever soulful Paltrow can bring out honest emotions from anyone as she has that on screen power.  She is becoming one of my favorites. I still ask the question though: are there any other actresses out there besides, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Helen Hunt? It must be tough on other actresses in Hollywood.  Great wise cracking role from Affleck's office assistant.  Paltrow is good as always.  Movie was a little slow for me, but worth my early bird ticket.

Rene Zellwegger packs on 30 pounds and finds a British accent to play a woman who regularly misses the mark on all targets, especially love.  Zellwegger submits herself to ridicule throughout the movie, making the audience as uncomfortable for her as she undoubtedly is.  Critics will love this movie no doubt.  But to waste Hugh Grant in such a role is almost criminal.  Colin Firth glares his way through this movie.  There were a couple of funny moments, but not enough to sustain this work as a comedy.

Why would I go see a teeny bopper movie about cheerleaders? The memory of my own daughters' cheerleading careers gives me hives to this day! Still, I like to keep a pulse on youth of 2000.  And I really like Kirsten Dunst and thought it might be mildly entertaining...mildly it was. If you ever had any doubt about the casual attitude about sexuality--not sex--but sexuality--provocativity actually--if that were a word--of today's pop culture society...well, have them no more.  Sexuality is so casual; just breathe it in, breathe it out.  Drink it.  Yawn it.

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